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Learn Dash

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I was ecstatic upon learning that WordPress was developing an LMS. Although the world of Learning Management Systems is vast, none are stellar and rise above the rest. Most people speak of their LMS with frustration and aggravation. Hopefully LearnDash will change that.

I’m most excited about the possibility of being able to customize features and functions. Being able to use themes and plugins and integrate with a WordPress site would expand the realm of possibilities. Having options like awarding certificates, being able to sell courses and use of media like video make this product a valuable training resource across industries and organizations. A streamlined and customizable LMS is exactly what eLearning needs!

I have been struggling for years to build/cobble together some kind of LMS system for delivering classes to students who don’t live in my immediate area. This will drastically increase our ability to teach students who live far away from us.  Wordpress has been my CMS since version 2.0 and I am excited that their is finally a workable and useful solution for making WordPress into a better LMS system.

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