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Scientific Understanding of the Seven Bodies of Light

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Understanding the Seven Bodies of Light (Scientific)

My thoughts on this article (WARNING: Science Ahead!)

I have studied/been taught about our seven bodies of light, chakras, and the planes of existence and how they correspond to each other for all of my life. Throughout history people have been able to sense or perceive a person’s energy field or aura. Today, through discoveries of modern technology, we are actually able to glimpse and capture an image of someone’s aura.  In most modern metaphysical teachings about auras, also known as the seven bodies of light you get a diagram similar to the one below.

I find that this point of view is rather limiting in conception. It shows the bodies surrounding us in layers somewhat like an onion in a fixed position.  Accordinng to Hermeticism and the principles presented in the Kybalion of Vibration, Polarity, and Rhythm we know the following.  That everything “embodies the idea that motion is manifest in everything in the Universe, that nothing rests, and everything moves, vibrates, and circles”, “the idea that everything is dual, everything has two poles, and everything has its opposite”, and “that in everything there is manifested a measured motion, a to and fro, a flow and inflow, a swing backward and forward, a pendulum-like movement.”  With this being said, all of these principles apply to our auras and their manifestation on the seven planes of existence. Our bodies of light fluctuate, change, shrink, and grow. We can see the differences through the use of technology, but still have a very limited understanding of all of the bodies on all of the planes. This is in in part due to the way we view these bodies. We have been trying to view something on a microcosmic scale instead of a macrocosmic one, much in the way we viewed the Earth as the center of our galaxy instead of the sun. if we switch our perspectives on reality we are better able to grasps the limits of something that seems limitless. In this day and age we know how big the Earth is even though very few of us have ever seen the Earth from any vantage point than our own two eyes. We have been able to measure it and study it based on our observations about the planet, and other objects in our solar system.

So how do we measure our bodies of light? We turn to the analytical tool that humanity has relied upon for the last two centuries: Science.

Putting it all together

Based on the previous section it becomes easier to understand the principles I am about to put forth. The size of one celestial body has often been described as so massive it is unknowable. Certainly a field of energy that encapsulates the distance from the Earth to the Moon would be hard to comprehend! Let me explain. The speed of light is approximately 300,000km per second. As described in the previous section, this is the largest possible neighborhood (from all of the other planes of existence) that we are affected by during that single point in time (in every direction).

In Paganism when we say that everything is connected (Similar to the Gaia Hypothesis) this is why. We can see the direct correlation between each object due to its celestial body overlaps the bodies of every other object within its neighborhood.  We can easily imagine a picture of this matrix expanded infinitely into the universe to create the ALL or the SOURCE.

The reason why we have never been able to pin down our celestial bodies is that we were missing a reference point.  We were trying to encapsulate it in a traditional single universe point of view, and were limiting our definitions from our point of view only, not the point of view of all of ourselves in all of the possible and infinite universes in our neighborhood. .

When I say boundary in the table it’s the limit based on the distance energy can travel in that time frame. If the time frame is extended so too is the maximum boundary.  A side note about this table:  Each body of light down from the celestial features a smaller boundary due to the limits of its vibration, and the time it takes to transfer from the celestial to the plane of existence.

Figure 1: Maximum Boundary of a Body of Light based upon the speed of light and a segment of time.
Body of Light Equation Maximum Boundary
Celestial 300,000 km per second 300,000 km s
Duodic 300,000km*10^-1s or 30,000kms 30,000kms
Spiritual 300,000km*10^-2s or 3,000 km s 3,000 km s
Mental 300,000km*10^-3s or 300 km s 300 km s
Astral 300,000km*10^-4s or 30 km s 30 km s
Etheric 300,000km*10^-5s or 3 km s 3 km s
Physical 300,000km*10^-6s or 0.3 km s 0.3 km s or 300 meters.


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